Selling tips.

Things to consider. Number 1, even in a crazy market, keep your listing price in the range of your neighbors with similar bedrooms, amenities, and square footage. Have your REALTOR® create a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) for your property. This process will get you well within the ball park, close to Home Base as a good starting number. The CMA is not an Appraisal. Of course, we want you to get the best price, but it has to fit the market, and your neighborhood. And of course your home’s upgrades. You only get ONE chance to present your house the First Time. If a Buyer comes along that offers you several thousands of dollars over what your are asking (let’s say several million), remember if they are getting a loan, the Mortgage Company will require an Appraisal, and the Mortgage Comapany must approve the loan. They will then begin Negotiations, again. All the Agents representing Buyers, already know the houses, values, and prices, that fit in the area of your home. List the property too high and they will not recommend to their clients to view your home. Or maybe out of the buyers range. Or the market is definitely a buyers market, which means, not a lot of buyers and plenty of people wanting to sell.

De-clutter, clean, organize, and de-personalize every where. Perform that over-do maintenance that you having been putting off. Finish or clean-up the projects that have become a little eye sore, and need a little attention. Look at all the details that a potential Buyer will see. Pressure washing the driveway, house, porch makes things look nice and clean. Touch up paint, fix holes in the walls (if any). TLC (Tender Loving Care) goes a long way on your prospective clients eyes and emotions.

Before a showing, open all the windows. Let there be light! Maybe a little apple cinnamon brew to simmer on the stove to add a little aroma to the kitchen area.

These things and many more are helpful in creating a positive FIRST IMPRESSION.

Turn off your indoor cameras, and sound if any. Notice your Listing Agent if you have a ‘Ring’ style doorbell, one that records, video and audio. Obtain instructions on how to turn it off for the showing(s). Your Agent may instruct you to turn it off.

Don’t forget to pick your new property, if you haven’t already!