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Our Story

From the beginning, but far from the end.

Starting in Real Estate in 2006, as an Investor, things seemed to work a little difficult, on the agent side of things. Working with Real Estate agents, it was easy to determine those that were dedicated to their clients and those that weren’t. Those years opened eyes to the need for trained, knowledgeable, dedicated, concerned, and responsive agents. After four quick years as a Realtor®, it was time to open Patrons Realty. Finding and sponsoring the best agents to serve our community with complete fiduciary responsibility is a most pleasurable task. We are here to serve you, our Patrons, the best service we can. We look forward to working with you in the near future. Give us a call, when you have a question about Real Estate. Our aim is to Succeed, with our Patrons

We are driven by values

We are deeply committed, highly skilled, and super efficient. When you are in need of answers, we respond. We watch the market, the moves, the pricing, the time lines to an efficient close, so you don’t have to. Sit back, and allow us to follow this transaction, shape this transaction and make it happen with your best interests in mind.

Our Staff

David M Saalwaechter

Broker/ REALTOR® # 0694159
Phone: 713-851-1905
email: HomesWithDavid@yahoo.com

Jose F Heredia

REALTOR® # 0594976
Phone: 281-605-9816
email: PHeredia1986@gmail.com

Michelle C Heredia

REALTOR® # 0726511
Phone: 936-689-2014
email: PichiNava4682@gmail.com

Elizabeth Gomez

REALTOR® # 0661996
Phone: 713-382-2101
email: AgentGomez2015@gmail.com

Elisabet Smith

REALTOR® # 0747523
Phone 346-336-0380
email: Elisabet@ElleSellsTX.com

Nikole Diaz

REALTOR® # 0798728
Phone 832-322-8186
email: NikoledSells@gmail.com

Nada Clarke

Realtor# 0814788

Phone: 832-247-8737

email: Nada.Clarke92@gmail.com


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